1st Rate Fabricators LLP

More Weld per Dollar
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John McCracken
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Have a project that requires code quality welding and fabrication work?
Prefab or on-site?

Our productivity keeps you on schedule at a reduced cost.

More weld per dollar, on time.

1st Rate Fabricators will take your welding problems
and make them a smooth, profitable and
trouble free part of your project.

Contact John at:
Office: 888-221-0291
Cell: 928-769-2510

Mobile Certified Welding for the pipeline, process piping,
pile/foundation/falsework industries,
and miscellaneous structural welding and fabrication.
Off site fabrication.

Based in Northern Arizona
Made in the USA
    Kingman, AZ fab yard
      36", Northern Arizona
Arizona bridge approach
       Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge