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John McCracken
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1st Rate Fabricators LLP

More Weld per Dollar
Welding & Fabrication

1st Rate Fabricators, based in Northern Arizona, provides code
quality welding
and fabrication services to
contractors, owners and government agencies.
Prefabbed and delivered,
or on site.
We specialize in pipeline welding, pipe fabrication plus
pile/ foundation and falsework welding.
Started in 1992 by John and Linda McCracken,
we have the flexibility to handle your job
from congested city streets to very remote locations,
on the water or on land,
in all weather conditions.
Our mobile welders get in, get your work done and
get out of the way.


Many of our jobs are in Arizona and Nevada.
But we work from sea to shining sea,
and anywhere in the free world.
If you need welders now, we're able to mobilize on short notice.
Our welders hit your job site in fully stocked
4 wheel drive mobile welding rigs,
ready to work.

Welders are certified under all major codes including:
API 1104, API 1107, ASME Sec. IX,
AWS D1.1, AWS D1.5 and LA City.

Welding Packages
Whether you need short term help to supplement your welding
crews, or a complete fab package, we can solve your welding

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About Us
pipe welding chilled water line
cross country pipeline in northern Arizona
12 inch pipe
36 inch pipe in Nevada
pipe fabrication
Flagstaff, Arizona piping replacement
36" in southern Nevada
                    Flagstaff, AZ