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1st Rate Fabricators LLP

More Weld per Dollar
Pile and Structural
Pile & Foundation

Our Pile Driver/Welders can handle all of your Pile and Bridge
related welding in Arizona, Nevada and nationwide.

From splicing pipe pile and H-Pile to
template fab, welding your drive points, and tie back systems,
to bridge falsework.

We are experienced in all welding related to barge setup,
modification and repair.

If your job is a seismic application we are familiar with the  
welding provisions in FEMA 353 and AWS D1.8.

Welders certified under AWS D1.1, AWS D1.5 and LA City.

Miscellaneous Structural

We do various general welding jobs, usually related to bridge,
dock and pier construction, deep foundation construction and
Millwright work.

Both new construction and modification/repairs.
bridge falsework welding
pipe pile splice
guy anchors
Thank a Vet!

It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up.
Vince Lombardi

office: 888-221-0291
picking beam mods
fabricated  plates
concrete pile embed welds
The most expensive weld in the world is a bad weld that has to be redone.
We've spent way too much time over the years repairing poor structural work that could of just as easily been
done right the first time, at less than half the cost of doing it over.
On rework you pay for the original weld, you pay to have it removed then you pay to have it done right. It kills
your schedule, wastes material, ties up equipment and leaves your crew standing around on the payroll,
Get it done right, the first time and on time, it's really worth it.
    RR bridge falsework, California
       Lake Las Vegas bridge
Guy anchors, Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge
Welds on concrete pile, Colorado River
Embed anchors, Hoover Dam
 Spreader beam modifications, Nevada