1st Rate Fabricators LLP

More Weld per Dollar
desert pipeline repair
downhill pipeline repair
repair at valve set
spacing a pipeline pup
welding a pipeline pup
beveling line pipe
Various pipeline anomaly repairs
bridge beams and rig
bridge beam welding
bridge framing
bridge pier construction
We made over 600 welds on the fall protection system for these bridge beams on the Hoover Dam
Bypass Bridge Nevada Approach. We also fabbed the catwalks on the pier cap forms, modified the pier
forms and built two angel wings for bolt up.
pipeline fabrication
pipeline spools
bypass fabrication
pipeline test headers
pipeline header
Test headers, spools and valve set modification fab for 18" pipeline
guy anchor fabrication
guy anchor modification
traveler spacers
small false work beam splice
In 2008 we worked 6 months on the Hoover Dam
Bypass Bridge,
providing support welding for the arch and deck
vertical chiller piping
grinding a bead
welded chiller pipe
hospital pipe fabrication
Chilled water piping at a hospital
crane sheave brackets
embedded plates
crane luffing gear
tower tie backs
In the fall of '05 we fabricated and
delivered well over 100,000 lbs. of
welded steel foundation products to
the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge
Lake Las Vegas pile driving rig
On this bridge job, we welded the core drill barge, the pile driving barges, built the template, welded
the drive points, and made several hundred splice welds on the 36" .500 Wall Pipe Pile
welding on a barge
SanTan power plant piping
SanTan cooling water fabrication
SanTan piping fabrication
SanTan powerhouse piping
We welded all of the steel cooling water piping on the SanTan Powerhouse unit 4 expansion, for PKS,
also the SS stop logs and some transformer platforms

Every picture on this site was taken by me or one of my employees, on jobs we worked.
Copyright 2004   John McCracken     all rights reserved
We do misc. welding jobs for  BIA at Supai Village in the Grand Canyon. People, welding machines, tools and materials
are flown in  by helicopter.
8" & 10" fuel piping fab and installation.
Small bore piping mods in a peaking plant.
                     Templates for the rebar cages on the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge arch sections.